Built in 1887 by August Borneman, the Johnston Covered Bridge still rests on the original abutments. At 99 feet long, some say it is the county's longest covered bridge. This historic structure features a Howe truss and two full-length windows with canopies on both sides of the bridge making the truss easily visible from the outside. In 1991, the bridge was bypassed so it is now open only to pedestrian traffic. In 1996, the bridge was restored.
The Johnston Covered Bridge is in Two Glaciers Park, which is currently under development. The public is welcome to visit the park's two historic covered bridges: the Johnston and the Hanaway. Parking and green space is available at the Johnston Covered Bridge.
Johnston Covered Bridge
Co Hwy 69
Lancaster, OH 43130
Park Hours
This park opens at sunrise and closes at sunset.